registration deadline:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

dec. 16-17, 2017

boys 3rd - 8th grade

Ames, Iowa


entry fee

about the event:

This will be the 7th year of this event, in the past this event has been named Duel in December.  This event has been very popular in the past.

All Iowa Attack will be hosting a tournament series.  Each event will be it’s own event, teams can come to 1,2,3, or all 4 events.  We have decided to name these events a series as all events will be ran in the same manner. The idea for this series of events is simple: good competition with two divisions in each grade when possible, better officiating, good pricing for high level basketball, and the best facilities around!!

hotel information:

No hotel information at this time.

Game Play:

  • 4 games guaranteed.
  • Maximum of 60 teams. We will cap at 60 so all games can be played at our two facilities only!! CLICK HERE TO VIEW COMMITTED TEAMS
  • 3rd-5th will play two 14 minute stop time halves,  6th-8th will play two 16 minute stop time halves.
  • Game will start at 8a on Sat and end around 5p on Sun.
  • We plan to have a Div I and II in each age provided we have enough teams.


All games will be played at our 6 courts (The Fieldhouse &  West Towne Courts), no outside facilities.

Projected schedule release date:

Friday, December 8, 2017